The Hosts:

Who will you be visiting besides the beautiful nature of Langeac ?

In 2009 began Henrik and Helle to dream of a life abroad.  After many trips to Italy, they found a dream house, but unfortunately it was suddenly sold privately, without the use of a real estate agent. So they started all over again and found another dream house in Italy, but as the negotiations dragged on and on, they turned their attention to France.  When they saw the place in Les Trois Noyers online, they fell in love with it at first sight, and within 3 months, the house was purchased and the moving truck packed.

We have absolutely no regrets that we ended up in France instead of Italy, because Auvergne has revealed itself to be an undiscovered pearl of nature right in the middle of France.

In fact, Auvergne is the region in France with the least amount of tourism, for now.

This region was cut off from the rest of France until 2008 because of the lack of highways. But in 2008 a major highway was completed, allowing easy access regardless of whether are travelling to the area from the north or the south.

Henrik : henrik

Henrik dreamed of exploring the world already as a teenager, so when he turned 20, he started by taking en extended motorcycle trip across Africa. Then he went on to Australia and New Zealand before returning to Africa. All in all, he completed three motorcycle trips across Africa, plus 2 more trips in a car and once more in a lorry.

All the while, Henrik worked in the food industry, where he ended up as a Project Leader, starting up factories in Vietnam and Egypt.

Since 2002 Henrik has been freelancing as a guide for the Danish travel agency Topas, where he has amongst other adventures, climbed Kilimanjaro 8 times and has hiked in Nepal, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Corsica, Cape Verde and Greenland.

Henrik is still associated with Topas as a guide, but makes an effort to be home at Les Trois Noyers during the busy seasons.

Helle: Rikke og Lars 2 032

As it was with Henrik, Helle also wanted to travel from a very young age.  So after her first backpack trip across Asia, she started up an import company, Gekko, with her then boyfriend, which they ran together for 10 years.  Gekko imported furniture, ornaments and clothing from all of Asia, but primarily Indonesia.  Those 10 years resulted in many trips to Asia, but also the experience and many challenges of doing business in an underdeveloped nation.

The last 10 years, before moving to Les Trois Noyers in April 2012, Helle worked as a job consultant for both the public and private industries.

In addition, both Helle and Henrik have worked, both individually and together, as educators for an institution catering to physically challenged children.  These children will be returning Again For the fourth time at Les Trois Noyers – which all of us are looking forward to with great joy :-)

Besides us two, our home consists of 2 dogs and 2 cats who love all attention they can recieve from our guests.

We live on one side of the more than 500 m2 (5382 ft2) house, while the rest has been adapted to accommodate guests in apartments.

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