Tailhac “our Village”


Huset med byens kirke i baggrunden

Les Trois Noyers is located on the edge of a small village called, with a population of 80Grillaften 009

In the center of Tailhac is a beautiful, old church, where the church bells ring out everyhalf hour. If you go inside the church, there is an incredible view of the entire valley.

Kirken i Tailhac

We are in the village’s activities committee, which plans a various events throughout the summer. We start the season in May with a flea market in the village square followed up by a banquet.  At the end of June, there is the annual summer festival starting with a lunch banquet and ending in the late hours of night  after many hours of socializing, a Petanque competition, dining and dancing under the open skies of Auvergne. At the end of August, we all go on a hike for the whole village, followed by dining and dancing



Arrangement i Tailhac 020                                                                                        Arrangement i Tailhac 035





The entire area is crossed with many hiking trails where you can hike or bike through the beauty of the local unspoiled nature filled with small waterfalls, forests and views that will take your breath away.