Dogs are welcome

Dogs are welcome



Dogs are allowed in the apartments Les Trois Noyers

The cost is 15 euros per dog for a week in an Apartment




Our dogs Aya and Maggie have even got involved in our marketing :

To all you dogs who are waiting for a vacation… – show this to your humans
Why stay home in Denmark when you also can go on vacation with the two-legged part of the family ? Invite your humans on vacation to France / Auvergne. My sister Aya (a Scottish Terrrier) and myself, Maggie (a Golden Retriever) live at Les Trois Noyers, a large house with plenty of room, and dogs are welcome…. Read the following to see how canine-friendly it is here:     

In short, the reason that we should join our humans on their vacation at Les Trois Noyers is that this region, Auvergne, is known for its fantastic, untouched nature. You can go on long hikes with your humans, splash around in the river or just relax and bask in the sunlight.  So just keep bothering the two-legged part of your family until we see you with them on vacation here at Les Trois Noyers.

High-Paw-Four from Maggie and Aya